4 Reasons to Keep Butters and Oils in Your Skincare Routine This Summer

June 21, 2018

It may be rainy and a bit cold here in Chicago, but summer is officially here! Many people change up their skincare routine in the summer, especially their choice of body moisturizer, swapping out rich oils and butters for water-based lotions since they may not suffer from the same level of dryness in summer that they experience in winter. While that logic seems sound, here are a few reasons why natural butters and oils, including Popped Handmade whipped body butters and solid moisturizing bars, are great for your skin in the summer (and all year round)!



You're Hot and Sweaty


Let’s tackle the obvious reason used against using butters and oils on your skin in the summer: you're sweating constantly! Without doing any exercise whatsoever, you will sweat even if you stay as still as a mannequin if the temperature outside is 90+ degrees. So why use whipped body butter? For that very same reason—you’re sweating! When you sweat, your pores open up—making you especially more receptive to what you put on your skin whether good ingredients or bad. Wouldn’t you want to use only the highest quality, non-pore-clogging ingredients on your skin and as few artificial preservatives as possible if your pores are constantly opening up to release sweat and toxins? Right.  


Air Conditioning Everywhere


To combat the heat, there will be air conditioned rooms everywhere in summer, whether at home, in restaurants, or at other public indoor venues. Air conditioners do a great job of cooling our bodies down and making us feel comfortable after spending time getting hot and sweaty outside. Yet, air conditioners accomplish this by removing heat and moisture from the air. This loss of moisture in the air can dry out your skin, which opens the door to premature aging (think fine lines, wrinkles, dull-looking skin). Not to mention that yes, it is still possible to be ashy in the summertime. Using natural butters and oils is a great way to keep moisture locked in your skin, maintaining a barrier between your skin and dry air from your air conditioner.


Heal Sunburn and Bug Bites


It’s pretty well-known that whipped body butter is soothing and nourishing for dry skin, but its calming and anti-inflammatory properties are especially great when dealing with common summertime ailments like sunburn and insect bites. Help your irritated skin heal naturally and feel like you’re pampering yourself at the same time by placing your Popped Handmade whipped body butter in the fridge or in a cool room for 30 minutes before experiencing how great it feels as you smooth it all over your hot, itchy skin.


Mild UV Protection


Since we really only get two seasons in Chicago—winter and summer—once the winter hibernating is over, most people can’t wait to spend their summer days outside as much as possible. Whether or not you enjoy going to the many outdoor concerts or neighborhood festivals our city has to offer, you most likely will be spending a majority of your free time outside in the sun. When you’re outside, it’s always important to wear sunscreen, but prolonged periods outside make sun protection even more necessary to ward off skin cancer, sunburn, and premature aging. Some of the ingredients in our whipped body butters and solid moisturizing bars are believed to have some natural sun protection, specifically shea butter (SPF 6) and coconut oil (SPF 7). While you would still need to wear a broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF of 15 or higher, it certainly can’t hurt to use a moisturizer that has a bit of natural protection.  


Here at Popped Handmade, we combine super-nourishing hard and soft butters and natural oils that complement each other to give you soft, glowing skin without the heavy and greasy feeling that other oil-based moisturizers can leave you with. Use code SUMMERTIME between now and July 1st for 10% off of everything in our shop to start your summer off glowing!


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4 Reasons to Keep Butters and Oils in Your Skincare Routine This Summer

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