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March 22, 2018


It’s week 3 of the #LuvOnMySkin skincare challenge! Woot woot! I’m absolutely loving the results. Overall, I’m already experiencing brighter skin and more even skin tone. My husband looked at me yesterday morning and said, “Your skin does look really clear!” Thank you Sir, I’ll take that.


I’ve only had one negative skin issue, which was a small pimple last week. Yet, I wasn’t too worried since it could’ve simply been a little purging, which can definitely happen when you’re changing up your routine and drawing toxins out of your skin. Sometimes things do get a little icky before they get better.


As a review, here are my goals this month:


  • Exfoliate twice a week

  • Apply a clay mask once a week

  • Drink 1 glass of beet juice and at least 120 Oz of water a day


Yesterday was another Mask Day! Unfortunately, it was my second Mask Day instead of my third because I missed last week because life got a little cray. And that’s ok. The whole point is that this is a challenge—a stretch—so of course, there will be times when I don’t hit my skincare targets each week. The point is to make progress in showing my skin more love.


There were some days this month when my weekly beauty commitments felt like one more thing on my never-ending to-do list, but yesterday I was looking forward to my activated charcoal and bentonite clay mask. I yearned for something to help me escape for a bit from the stress and anxiety I’ve been feeling lately about business and motherhood. Fifteen minutes of a warm, pulsating mask on my face felt like more than part of my beauty routine, it felt like self-care. It felt like a mental health break.


It was 15 minutes that I could focus on the external me instead of my inward thoughts, fears, and emotions.


It was 15 minutes of me telling myself that I was worth taking those minutes to do something that benefited me and no one else.


I was worthy of fifteen minutes that would make me feel more beautiful and proud of the skin I’m in.


And you’re worthy too. There’s about 10 more days of March left and I hope you will join me in the #LuvOnMySkin skincare challenge if you haven’t already! That’s a little over one week left to add one or two things to your current skincare routine to show your skin some extra love simply because you’re worthy.


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