Got Beets?

March 20, 2018


We are right in the thick of the #LuvOnMySkin skincare challenge over here and as you may recall one of my goals this month is to drink 1 glass of beet (beetroot) juice a day. Why drink beet juice you ask? It’s simple.

Juicy, red beets are neat because they contain a plethora of nutrients that can benefit the body both internally and externally, including vitamins A & C, calcium, iron, folate, and other vital nutrients. 



When taken internally, beets:


Let It Flow
•    Help with blood circulation throughout the body (think more blood flow to the skin = youthful-looking skin)


Say Bye-bye to Toxins
•    Are great for detoxing the liver and blood, improving liver function and helping to rid the body of nasty toxins


Give you that Glow
•    Contain silica and folate, which promote skin renewal—thus, helping you maintain positively glowing skin (and we’re all about the glow over here!)


Additionally, beets offer a multitude of non-skin related benefits. The iron and folate present in beet juice helps fight anemia. And its high level of nitrates are believed to help ward off dementia and lower blood pressure. And since beets help increase oxygen to the cells, they can increase your energy level and stamina, especially while exercising. 



When applied topically, beets:


Fight Premature Aging
•    Contain antioxidants that help neutralize free radicals on the skin that can cause premature aging like wrinkles and fine lines. These antioxidants can also help with dark circles under the eyes


Even Skin Tone

•    The presence of vitamin C in beet juice can help with hyperpigmentation, ridding the skin of dead skin cells, resulting in a more even skin tone

Calm Things Down

•    Has anti-inflammatory properties 

Be aware that beets are great, but moderation is needed even when dealing with a good thing. Always consult your doctor to make sure any new addition to your diet is good for your personal situation. It’s also worth noting that when beets are used topically, they can leave a pinkish red stain behind.

Feel free to read more here, here, and here.



Are you a fan of beets? Let us know in the comments or share with us on Instagram or Facebook!


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