Mask Day!

March 8, 2018

If you recall from my last post, biweekly facial scrubs and weekly clay masks are key components of reaching my skincare goals for the #luvonmyskin skincare challenge this month! Yesterday was Wednesday, which means it was MASK DAY!


While that relaxed “I’m taking care of me” feeling when wearing one is a huge plus, facial masks do more than only make you feel like you’re pampering yourself. They can give your skin an immediate boost, helping you with skin problems like acne, dryness, or inflammation. They can help pull out the impurities in your skin, shrink the appearance of pores, diminish wrinkles and fine lines, even out your skin tone and texture, and give you a moisture boost depending on the ingredients you use. While you can see some results right away, consistent application is the best way to get the most out of facial masks which is why I’ve chosen to do them weekly for the #luvonmyskin skincare challenge all month long.



Before applying my DIY facial mask, I washed my face with the facial cleanser I made from my last post and used a warm washcloth to get my pores ready to receive all that my mask had to offer. I decided to use bentonite clay as the base of my first weekly mask (unsure yet if I will try different clays and other ingredients each week or stick with the same ones for consistency). My mask included the following ingredients:


·        Bentonite clay

·        Apple cider vinegar

·        Aloe vera juice

·        Turmeric powder


According to the label on the bentonite clay container, you should use equal parts bentonite clay and either apple cider vinegar or water. Depending on your skin sensitivity, you may choose to use water instead of apple cider vinegar or a combination of the two (it’s often thought best to dilute apple cider vinegar in whatever capacity you use it). After mixing the clay and vinegar enough to make a thick paste, I added a dab of aloe vera juice—for its skin-calming and moisturizing benefits and simply because I put that ish on everything. Lastly, I added in a dash of turmeric powder from my seasonings cabinet. These ingredients seemed to be the best fit for me since my skincare goals for the #luvonmyskin skincare challenge are to achieve a more even skin tone and texture and see more fading of my acne scars. (Read more about the individual ingredients at the end of this post.)


After applying my bentonite clay mask, my face felt like it was pulsating right  

away—just like the directions on the container said it would! It felt like something was squeezing my face—a tug here and a tug there. I also noticed a slight burning sensation, especially around my nose area, not in a bad way, but it was definitely noticeable. Hopefully all of this meant that my face will be ready to slay just in time for Spring by the time this skincare challenge is over!



After letting the mask dry on my face for about 15 minutes, I wiped it off with warm water and a towel. I saw some redness all over my face, which the bentonite clay container label states is typical and should disappear after 30 minutes. The pulsating/squeezing feeling went away after taking off the mask, but I began to notice a warming sensation instead. I followed up the mask with about 4 drops of my Moisturizing & Brightening Facial Glow Oil all over my face and neck to help soothe my skin.


All of the tingling and pulsating from my first Mask Day of the #luvonmyskin skincare challenge left me assured that I was putting my skin to work; it had no choice but to get rid of those nasty impurities and dead skin to regenerate itself. Time will tell how much all of that work paid off. Stay tuned!


Are you joining us in the #luvonmyskin skincare challenge? Share your goals and progress with us in the comments and on Instagram or Facebook!



About the ingredients:



Bentonite clay (calcium bentonite clay)


·       “Helps to remove impurities and dirt from the pores” (from product label)

·       Draws out and eliminates toxins that can cause acne

·       Aids in healing eczema and psoriasis

·       Helps in the healing and the regeneration of skin tissue



Apple cider vinegar


·       A natural astringent that helps balance the pH levels of your skin

·       Fights wrinkles

·       Absorbs excess oil

·       Helps prevent acne

·       Helps stimulate circulation and minimize the appearance of pores

·       Aids in regenerating new skin cells



Aloe vera juice


·       Helps heal wounds and calms inflammation (great for acne/acne scarring)

·       Moisturizing

·       Believed to help with eczema, sunburn, and other skin conditions

·       Can lessen the appearance of wrinkles and improve skin elasticity





·       Known to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties

·       Helps reveal a natural glow and evens out the skin tone

·       Aids in reducing the appearance of acne scars

·       Believed beneficial for skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis

·       Can help minimize wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes

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