Scrubbin and Cleanin

March 2, 2018


It’s Day 2 of the #LuvOnMySkin skin care challenge and my skin is already grateful! As a reminder, this month-long challenge is all about self-care and putting some love on my face via the following goals:


•             Exfoliate twice a week

•             Apply a clay mask once a week

•             Drink 1 glass of beet juice and at least 120 oz of water each day


I created a mini-schedule for my weekly facial scrubs and facial mask. My mask day will be Wednesdays and my exfoliation days will be Mondays and Fridays. Since today is a sunny, gorgeous Friday, it was time to kick this challenge into gear and “exfoliate like a madman.”


Being the lover of DIY natural beauty that I am, I will be making my own facial scrubs and facial masks. Before putting together the actual facial scrub, I realized that I needed to make a facial cleanser first. Lately, I haven’t had the energy to make one and have been washing my face with African black soap and water, which is fine except I think straight-up African black soap combined with a facial scrub would be too harsh on my skin.


I’ve been making my own facial cleanser for a while now and it’s super simple to do. Here’s a very straightforward facial cleanser DIY recipe that you are welcome to try, especially if you have combination/oily skin like me. No exact measurements needed!



Carla’s Everyday Facial Cleanser




·        Pump bottle

·        African black soap (1 small chunk that’s about 1 in x 1 in)

·        Distilled water (enough to fill your bottle about 85% full)

·        Aloe vera juice (enough to fill your bottle about 15% full)


Step 1: Boil some tap water and let it cool down a bit before pouring it into your pump bottle.


Step 2: Add the chunk of African black soap to the bottle of water. Cap the bottle and let it sit until the soap is dissolved, giving it the occasional swirl every now and then.


Step 3: Once the African black soap is dissolved minus a few particles here and there, add the aloe vera juice and swirl. Cap the bottle and you’re ready to cleanse that beautiful face! Store your cleanser in the fridge when you’re not using it.



After making my facial cleanser, I gathered all of the ingredients for my facial scrub and got to work. If you missed my post about the importance of exfoliating your face for glowing skin, check it out. Exfoliation is key for getting rid of dead skin cells on the top layer of your skin in order to encourage your skin to produce new skin cells—the result is positively youthful, glowing skin. In our One Secret to Glowing Skin post, I shared the basics of how to create a DIY facial scrub, which is simply 2 parts exfoliant (in this case: sugar) and 1 part oil.


Here’s what I used for my particular skin type (combination/oily) and skin goals (fading dark/acne spots):



Carla’s Glowing Facial Scrub



·        Sugar (2 tablespoons of regular ole white sugar)

·        Argan oil (1 tablespoon)

·        Honey (a few drops)


Step 1: Mix ingredients and get to scrubbing!



For this challenge, I decided to try something new and exfoliate before cleansing my face. I did a bit of googling and decided that exfoliating before cleansing would slough away the top layer of my skin and cleanse dead skin cells away, making my skin more receptive to all of the vitamins and fatty acids in my Moisturizing and Brightening Facial Glow Oil. (Try both methods: cleansing then exfoliating/exfoliating then cleansing and decide what works best for you.) The result: pure love! My skin was soft and supple before I even applied my facial oil! My face looked clean, as well as hydrated! While I know it will be tough to remain consistent with my facial scrubs and masks, I already can tell that the results will be more than worth it!


Have you decided to join the #LuvOnMySkin journey this month? Tell us about it in the comments or on Instagram or Facebook!


More to come on the ingredients in this post!


·        African black soap

·        Aloe vera juice

·        Sugar

·        Argan oil

·        Honey




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