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Glow Squad Rewards

Love your skin and reap the rewards.

Welcome to Glow Squad Rewards! Create a store account and get rewarded every time you shop with us, celebrate a birthday, share the good news of Popped Handmade with friends, or email us a heartfelt review post-purchase! Redeem your Glow points at any time for free products or swag! It's simple, just like our natural ingredients.

Redeem your Glow points at the               following levels:

 500 points

 FREE Moisturizing Body Butter Bar or 
 .25 oz Facial Glow Oil


 750 points

 FREE 1 oz bottle of Facial Glow Oil


 1200 points

 FREE 3 oz jar of Whipped Body Butter   



 FREE Popped Handmade swag                 (t-shirt, water bottle, or large tote bag) 


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